What vehicle do I need to tow them?

Depending on the model. We recommend at least a 6 cylinder suv or truck. Please check with your vehicle’s manual or consult your dealer. You can find the specs on each model

What is the build time?

This depends on the model, the complexity and also your spot in line. CX take approx 1 month to complete while EX can take 2-4 months. If you are interested in purchasing a trailer we can do a $500 deposit to reserve your spot in the production calendar.

Is there a deposit required and do you finance?

We do not have any financing available. As mentioned above there is a $500 good faith deposit to guarantee your spot in-line. Once it’s time for your build there will be a 60% deposite required. The final 40% (-$500) payment will be due upon completion.

What is the mattress size on the EX?

It is a regular Queen mattress (60”x80”) 

How is the manufacturing process?

Everything except the tubes for our trailer frames are Laser or CNC cut to guarantee perfect parts each time. Steel is mig welded while aluminum is tig welded. We use different types of adhesives as well as mechanical fastners to provide structural strength as flexibility.

Are you able to customize your trailers?

Yes to a point. We can build anything you’ll want but there will be a price for all the additional work. Our trailers are built per order but are also very modular so customization is easy even at later times.